Sydney Labour has had a long reputation in the construction industry.

We supply people to the cottage industry, right through to major multi-billion dollar commercial, high-rise and major civil infastructure construction projects.

We primarily focus on supplying blue collar workers (labourers, traffic controllers, hoist drivers, tradespeople, etc) but have been known to also supply white collar and executives and professionals to the construction industry as well (foreman, site managers, engineers and project managers).


Sydney Labour supplies skilled and non-skilled persons within our maintenance sector which supplies people for factory relocating, building and factory maintenance / shut down services (qualified fitters, welders, boilermakers, trades assistants and various building trades people.)


Sydney Labour provide a vast number of different people to the warehouse, storage and production sectors that include but not limited to process workers, pickers and packers, general labourer's, assemblers, store persons and forklift drivers just to name a few.


Sydney Labour_Indigenous Workforce

Sydney Labour has spent years focusing upon the delivery of positive and effective outcomes for indigenous workers within
the construction industry.

Sydney Labour have put together a team of experienced and trained people and partners (which have fine-tuned policies, procedures, with a trained and hand selected indigenous workforce with mentors that understand the indigenous community and the needs of the construction industry), to take on this often difficult and daunting area of Indigenous Participation within the construction industry.

Sydney Labour has heavily invested time and resources to the development of a Labour Hire Service, Transitional Employment and Permanent Placement service of indigenous people – to be employed, trained and work onsite. This enables construction companies and their contractors and sub-contractors to legitimately satisfy APIC participation and spend requirements using a legitimate approved and endorsed industry partner.

Our aim and focus is to service our clients’ needs, and provide work for the indigenous community via casual, permanent part-time and eventually full-time employment; all with the backing of relevant industry unions whilst meeting Government guidelines and targets.

With over 25 years of experience, the Sydney Labour team has the knowledge and expertise in labour hire to serve both big and small companies within the Australian construction industry. We are not a ‘fly-by-night’ company - we are here for the long haul and are determined to make a difference in people’s lives.

Positions we can supply:

We are not just limited to the below positions - this is a guide to the most popular type of labour we supply to industry - big and small.

Construction Labourers

Man & Material Hoist Drivers

Factory Hands & General Labourers

Process Workers / Store People

1st Aid & or Occupational 1st Aid

Drivers & or Truck Drivers

Forklift & or Telli-handler Drivers


Fitters, Welders, Boilermakers

Other Trades People